Sini Coreth

S. C. constructs video films on the computer, with effects, she emphasizes the dichotomy of the metaphors. In my projects I am searching for a dialogue with “the Opposite, the Foreign and the Different” in life.

“The artistic outcome of the work of S.C. leaves open the question (respectively does not answer them ostensibly) if there is any possibility of accord between the individual and nature, the female, being obliged only to her biological dimension and the technology surrounding us, which can also threaten all forms of life.”
–Elfriede Jelinek

“What is the human being? A philosophical and spiritual interest combined with unique precision and poetic technique helps the artist to create images which will become etched somewhere in the brain and gradually seep unfiltered into the subconscious to remain present there for ever.”
–Felicitas Thun

“The human act as attractive power between the two halves : the masculine and the feminine and the germinating seeds were the inspiration to three dimensional moving pictures”
–Prof. A.M. Hammacher on Ossip Zadkine

S.C. was searching for these moving pictures in Happenings and Performances and in, with time changing, Land Art projects, installations, and Butoh Dance.

“… a journey in the direction of a journey with permanent transformation, constant destruction and discovery of a new form.”
–Ko Murobushi

© Yuval Tebol

» Ossip Zadkine, Paris, France
» Graphische Lehr- und Versuchsanstalt, Vienna, Austria
» Science Politique Paris, FRANCE
» Galerie Der Spiegel MAT Production, Köln, Germany
» Butoh Dance, Kazuko Ohno, Anzu Furukawa Tokio, Japan
» School of the Art Institute of Chicago, USA
» Study in film and video cutting, Vienna, Austria

Born in Vienna, lives in Lower Austria